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Forbidden History на History-viasat (eng)

Forbidden History (1) British documentary series from 2014 Genre: Documentary This episode: The Lost Treasure of Petra. Jamie travels to Petra which was once the capital of the hugely rich Nabataean empire. While there, he meets a Jordanian archaeologist who will shed more light on the history of this ancient city. The establishment doesn"t like it when new evidence brings into serious question received wisdom and questions concepts that have been accepted as fact for decades and centuries. Over the years extraordinary stories have been buried or suppressed, and brave people who have attempted to tell the truth have been obstructed or condemned, or both. Until now. Presenter Jamie Theakston travels to places far and wide as he searches for the answers to history"s greatest riddles - among them the lost treasure of Petra, the real Holy Grail , and the secrets of the Nazi UFO"s. Across six fascinating episodes, Jamie and his team of researchers uncover truths and myths that have been buried for centuries.